Devenish provide leading edge nutritional solutions for the intensive livestock sector. We go beyond nutrition by working collaboratively with our customers throughout the supply chain to produce the highest quality products from farm to fork.

Our strengths lie in the pig, poultry, ruminant, equine and companion animal sectors, where we provide tailored nutritional solutions and specialist advice, delivered by a highly skilled team of experts in nutrition, animal husbandry, feed manufacture and veterinary science. We offer a range of innovative and cost effective products and solutions including premixes, neo-natal feeds and specialist ingredients, developed through an extensive Research and Development programme which help maximise the performance of our customerís businesses.

Research & Development

Devenish Nutrition aim to be a solution provider through knowledge and products. We invest heavily in research to help provide these solutions. Solutions to current and future problems can only be developed based on robust science. To achieve this Devenish Nutrition work with partners who are world renowned for their excellence in specific areas.

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Quality Control

Devenish Nutrition are committed to providing services and products that surpass our customers' requirements and expectations. In an effort to maintain our past successes and to comply with market forces we have completed a programme to develop and maintain our Quality System. We are UFAS, ISO and QS accredited.

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Example Nutritional Solutions

Pig Products

Want to reduce soya requirements in your finishing pig diets?
Try DeviGainPG

Poultry Products

Want to get your broilers off to the optimum start?
Try AlphaStart

Ruminant Products

Want to increase milk yield by up to 1.8kg/cow/day?
Try Progut

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