Devenish Nutrition Awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award

16th February 2011

Devenish Nutrition Awarded Knowledge Transfer Partnership Award

Devenish Nutrition has been awarded a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Award for their research on the efficacy of a novel complementary feedstuff for dogs and cats.

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships programme is among the world’s leading initiatives utilising the knowledge and skills of high-calibre associates (recently qualified graduates) and their academic supervisors. The associates work alongside experts in the field from higher and further education research institutions as well as private and public sector research institutions to inject fresh ideas into the business and gain knowledge in areas the business is inexperienced in.

The research was based upon a product that Devenish Nutrition had extensive knowledge of for the intensive livestock market, but wanted to assess the benefits for cats and dogs. The research was carried out by associate Catherine Carmichael with assistance from Dr. Marian Scott and Dr. Violet Beattie of Devenish Nutrition, as well as academics from Queen’s University, Belfast Dr. Alastair Wylie and Dr. Deborah Wells (School of Psychology’s Animal Behaviour Centre).

The research will help Devenish Nutrition diversify into the pet food market, and patent applications have begun on the formula following over 18 months of research. Devenish Nutrition would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at KTP, and Queen’s University for their help with the project.

This award reflects the importance Devenish Nutrition place upon Research and Development to develop speciality products for the feed industry. Over the past 13 years through significant time and investment, Devenish Nutrition’s research team have developed a number of speciality feed products. For more information on our research and development department please click here

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