Thank you

30th March 2020

Everything we do at Devenish is driven by our belief in 'One Health - from Soil to Society' - and right now, that ethos feels more relevant than ever.

Feeding families across the globe means keeping the farming and food supply chain intact - from the ground up. And, during these uncertain times, when food and agriculture is so critical, we are more committed than ever in helping maintain our role in that.

We're working hard to ensure our essential animal nutrition products continue to reach those who need them - the dedicated farmers, growers, producers and retailers that are keeping food on tables amidst the most unprecedented of circumstances.

Thank you to each of those partners for their ongoing commitment and thank you to our people who continue to work hard to help us play our part.

We are all facing this situation together and we’ll keep doing everything we can to help keep the food supply chain going.

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