Devenish App Press Release

28th May 2015

Devenish Nutrition International have launched an exciting new app which will show poultry producers the financial benefit of implementing their Devenish Program.

The easy to use Devenish App, which is available on both the Google Play and Apple app stores simply requires the producer to input their current performance data, and based on current EPEF performance, the app will provide a projected benefit to the producer’s bottom line if they were to introduce the Devenish Program.

The benefits are worked out on a number of factors, including the scientifically proven benefits shown from their extensive research and development programme and experience from working with producers from across the globe.

Eilir Jones, CEO Devenish Nutrition International commented;

“Devenish have a fantastic track record for improving the performance and profitability of our customers’ business. We are so confident of being able to improve performance that we’ve developed this app to show potential customers just how rewarding implementing the Devenish Program can be.”

It also allows the producer to view saved quotes, access information on the products within Devenish’s range as well as reading the company’s latest press releases. Available in 6 currencies and 5 languages - Arabic, Farsi, English, Spanish and Turkish, the Devenish App is certainly worth checking out.

Get it on Google Play

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