Devenish App

Devenish App

Want to see how the Devenish program can improve the performance and profitability of your poultry business?

Download the Devenish App to calculate how working with the Devenish program can improve your Poultry unit.

The easy to use Devenish App, which is available on both the Google Play and Apple App Store simply requires you to input your current performance data, and based on current EPEF performance, the app will provide a projected benefit to your bottom line if you were to introduce the Devenish Program.

Your quote will be valid for 4 weeks and you can contact us using the link within the app once you have your quote.

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The benefits are worked out on a number of factors, including the scientifically proven benefits shown from our extensive research and development programme and experience from working with producers from across the globe.

Our products have been developed through an extensive Research and Development programme through our own Research and Development facilities as well as access to external centres of excellence. The Devenish team have over 20 PhDs continually working on and developing our product and service offering.

Our team of Nutritionists work in partnership with our customers to measure the performance and profitability of our unit and formulate new diets as required to get the best performance from the birds.

For more information on our product range please browse our website or contact us.