A tailored blend of natural emulsifiers to improve fat digestion and utilisation.

Product overview

DiNAMIC has been part of the Devenish product portfolio for a number of years, and DiNAMIC Aqua offers a tailored made, cost-effective solution for aquaculture. Providing a rich blend of lysolecithins which act as a powerful emulsifier supporting improved lipid, nutrient absorption, and feed performance.

Better energy utilisation

DiNAMIC Aqua has been scientifically proven to improve energy utilisation and offers a competitive advantage compared to other lysolecithins. We have conducted a number of trials with our trusted partners on research and commercial farms which have consistently shown improved performance across a range of parameters like FCR and body weight gain with the inclusion of DiNAMIC Aqua.

Key benefits of using DiNAMIC Aqua:

  • Better growth
  • Improved palatability
  • Better digestion of fat - less stress on the system
  • Better utilisation of nutrients
  • Improved functionality of the intestine

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