What is Digest-It®?

Digest-it® is a slurry inoculant that provides a rich food source for microbes as well as dormant aerobic bacteria species that are able to feed on and break down the organic matter in the slurry and use the ammonia gas as a source of nitrogen to grow, thus turning it into microbial nitrogen.

What are the benefits of Digest-It®?

  • Grows more, better quality grass by improving soil health
  • Increases nutrient recovery from slurry
  • Reduces agitation time and odour
  • Reduces odours when spreading slurry in field
  • Kinder to organisms living in your soil, including earthworms

The graph below shows the results of a 6-year grass silage dry matter (DM) yield comparison on untreated and Digest-it® treated dairy slurry. Digest-it® delivered on average an 18% increase in yield across 6 years.

This additional grass is worth €197 per hectare (based on Teagasc Moorepark figures), representing an 13:1 return on investment after product costs have been deducted. This is delivering improved sustainability benefits and a significant financial benefit to farmers.

How is Digest-it® used?

Application rate of Digest-it®

  • 1 litre treats 5,000 gallons (22,500 litres) of slurry
  • 20 litres treats 100,000 gallons (450,000 litres) of slurry

Digest-it® is best applied into fresh slurry. This is typically one week after cattle have been put in the shed.

Hear from customers how Digest-it® is improving the profitability and sustainability of their farming business

Dale and Vicki Byers are milking 150 dairy cows in Ballinamallard, Co. Fermanagh

"We use an umbilical system to spread slurry. With the Digest-it® treated slurry, it was so much easier to get through the macerator and to spread evenly.

"For many years we have focused on improving soil fertility to grow more grass. Digest-it® plays a crucial role in improving soil nutrition and health and growing more grass."

Billy Glasheen specialises in finishing locally sourced, Angus cattle in Co. Waterford

"Digest-it® improves the fertiliser value of my slurry and helps me on my mission to grow more grass as efficiently and cheaply as possible.

"I will be using Digest-it® across all my tanks from now on."

Henry Donaghy milks 150 Holstein Friesian cows averaging 8,000 litres in a spring and autumn calving herd in Co. Derry/Londonderry

"Before using Digest-it®, the slurry tank took 2-3 hours to mix and water also needed to be added, this was done multiple times while emptying the tank.

"After using Digest-it®, the slurry tank only took 20 minutes to mix with no water added, and the consistency of the slurry was even when spreading. With aiming to maximise slurry here, Digest-it® will be a product we will continue to use."

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