Farrowlife is a specially encapsulated supplement for pre-partum sows.

What is Farrowlife?

Farrowlife is specially formulated supplement which supplies calcium ions which:

  • Helps generate prolonged muscle contraction during farrowing
  • Reduces inter-pig birth interval
  • Reduces the occurrence of stillbirths

What are the benefits to the Producer?

Can improve stillbirth rate by (on average) 47%.

Placenta Expulsion - improved due to increased muscle activity. Reduces risk of metritis and farrowing fever

How is Farrowlife used?

Farrowlife should be fed at 70g/d for a minimum of 4 days pre-farrowing. Farrowlife can be top dressed in the farrowing house up to the day of parturition. DO NOT topdress when sow has farrowed.

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