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Nurturaid™ is a ground-breaking concept. Nurturaid™ is a palatable treat sized ball with proven nutritional products at the core. Just a couple of Nurturaid™ balls in the creep feed will lead to piglets preferentially seeking out Nurturaid™ from the regular creep feed.

This guarantees that the ingredients required to support gut integrity are delivered in sufficient amounts at an early stage in the piglets growth period. Devenish's proprietary, novel blend of nutrients helps to boost early feed intake and support gut integrity, delivering lifetime performance benefits.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • Improved feed intake and pre-weaning weight gain
  • Support for healthy gut development
  • More piglets weaned per sow
  • Improved weight gain post-weaning

How is Nurturaid™ used:

Introduce the creep and Nurturaid™ in very small volumes from day 4 onwards, putting 2-3 Nurturaid™ balls on top of the creep. Check and refresh the feeders 3-4 times daily, topping up as required. Empty the feeders and put fresh product in each day.

Intakes should increase significantly after day 8, with substantial intakes being observed at day 10. As intake increases, supply 6-8 balls per pen. Continue feeding Nurturaid™ for 2-4 days post-weaning to maintain intakes in the days after the move.

For more information, please contact Mark Williams on +44 (0)2890 755566.

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