Effective enrichment programme

What is Piglyx?

Piglyx is a mineralised treacle toffee, which when exposed becomes sticky allowing little and often intakes by the pigs. By enriching the environment and encouraging natural rooting behaviours, Piglyx helps reduce the incidence of tail biting, making pigs more docile, whilst also improving performance.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • It gives the pigs something to lick and play with, helping to satisfy their natural curiosity and rooting instincts.
  • Pigs are more relaxed with less fighting and aggression, saving producers large costs associated with carcass condemnation.
  • Research has shown growing pigs with access to Piglyx grew faster than those without, resulting in a 1.1kg liveweight increase after 56 days.

How is Piglyx used?

Piglyx is supplied with a purpose made holder that is fixed to the floor of the pen. We recommend one holder pen of up to 40 pigs. Typical intakes are:

Pig weight range (kg) Piglyx intake (g/pig/day)
20 - 40 10
40 - 65 20
65 - 90 30

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