ExtractaZyme is a multi-enzyme preparation specifically tailored to increase nutrient extraction from raw materials by cell wall and structural carbohydrates (CH) hydrolysis.

Extrazyme improves the digestibility of feed by breaking down the ANFs (anti-nutritional factors) making nutrients more available for the animal. This both enables formulation flexibility, and delivers feed cost reduction.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • Improved animal performance by increasing digestibility and nutritive value of raw materials including energy and amino acids.
  • Improves feed digestion and nutrient absorption in highly fibrous raw materials
  • Trials show that it improves flock uniformity
  • Leads to less sticky droppings, improved litter quality, better hygienic conditions and fewer dirty eggs; all of this contributing to better control of Salmonella
  • The improved litter conditions reduces ammonia build up in sheds and reduces the incidence of hock burns, podo dermatitis and breast blisters
  • Helps to achieve a more stable and healthy intestinal ecosystem
  • Reduces nutrient wastage and manure
  • Reduces nitrogen excretion

How is Extrazyme used?

Dosage recommendations:

  • 350g/tonne of complete feed

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