ByPro is "a unique cost effective solution, which provides a combination of highly digestible by-pass protein in conjunction with added by-pass amino acids".

Protected protein and amino acids for ruminants

Genetic improvement of modern ruminant livestock has increased the importance of providing the correct balance of essential nutrients if targets for production, health and fertility are to be achieved. Imbalances in protein and essential trace minerals can therefore reduce profitability. A supply of both degradable and undegradable protein is essential if production targets are to be achieved. However as performance improves, the requirements for by-pass protein increases significantly.

To satisfy the increasing protein requirements, the by-pass protein supplied must not only be highly digestible but also provide a balanced blend of essential amino acids to complement the supply from other feed ingredients and microbial protein.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • ByPro provides a source of digestible by-pass amino acids that can promote milk production and growth and improve milk protein percentage.
  • ByPro is formulated from a combination of hi-Pro soya bean meal and protected methionine.

How is ByPro used?

  • ByPro is ideal for inclusion in all ruminant diets and should be fed at a rate of 0.5-1.0kg/cow/day.

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