Fertility Pack

The fertility pack is designed to minimise the negative impact of high milk output on fertility by minimizing the period of negative energy balance. This helps to prevent any increase in blood urea and increases embryo survival by inhibiting secretion of prostaglandin.

What are the benefits of the Fertility Pack?

  • Devenish Fertility Pack optimises feed intake in the period post calving. This results in the efficient use of forage and homegrown ingredients which leads to high peak yields.
  • It is designed to make efficient use of energy supplied from mobilized body tissue.
  • It is high in sugars to promote dry matter intake and ensure efficient utilization of rumen degradable proteins without causing a rumen acidosis.
  • The rumen protected vitamins help ensure liver function and the rumen protected fish oils are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

How is the Fertility Pack used?

Designed to be fed for 40 days (Day 50- Day 90 post-partum) at a rate of 250g/head/day. This should be introduced gradually and built up to the full allowance over several days.

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