Recipient Pack

The recipient pack was formulated at Devenish Nutrition with the purpose of improving pregnancy rates by reducing the incidence of embryonic death. American and European scientists have been involved in developing this formula which should be fed through lactation.

What are the benefits of the Recipient Pack?

  • It is made up of special farmed salmon oil to help inhibit the secretion of urine postglandia F2α (PGF2α). This is due to the high levels of long chain Omega 3 fatty acids which are better than linolenic acid at suppressing FGF2α.
  • These Omega 3 acids are also shown to increase overall pregnancy rates.
  • It contains high levels of vitamins, particularly Vitamin E, which help to boost the immune system.
  • The corpus luteum is maintained.
  • Improves dry matter intakes and lactation as a result of an increase in the secretion of IGF-1.
  • Results in increased milk production in dairy cows.
  • Increased dry matter intake, improving energy levels in cows.

How is the Recipent Pack used?

  • To be fed 30 days before embryos are implanted and for 30 days post implantation at a rate of 200g/head/day.

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