Transition Cow Blend

The transition period is the most important period in the cow's production cycle. It encompasses the last 3 weeks before parturition and the first 4 weeks of lactation.

The Transition Cow Blend is designed using the best available science from all over the world. It is designed to improve animal performance and minimise the risks associated with this period.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • Allows for easy calving with a healthy calf
  • Prepares intestines for the lactating ration
  • Replenishes body reserves
  • Maximises post calving appetite and yield potential
  • Maximises milk income per unit feed cost
  • Enhances Rumen Fermentation
  • Reduces Rumen Ammonia
  • Avoids metabolic and infectious diseases
  • Ensures reproductive success

How is the Transition Cow Blend used?

  • The Transition Cow Blend should be used at a rate of 1kg/cow/day from 30 days pre partum to 30 days after parturition.
  • The product is also being fed to many Show Cows during lactation.

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