Making a difference in Uganda

Our work in Uganda is a clear example of how we are enriching lives and laying down a foundation of sustainability in farming that will have a ripple effect through generations to follow.

Since 2013, we've invested over €1 million in a pioneering enterprise in Hoima that is improving the livelihoods of farmers by empowering them to transition from subsistence farming to a sustainable commercial level farming.

There are 26 Ugandan members of the Devenish team operating from a base in Hoima, Midwestern Uganda, across a model pig farm, specialised animal feed mill, four sales outlets and the office support team. Our model pig farm is a 40-sow unit which acts as a model system for Ugandan farmers aspiring to develop their farm businesses. Our feed mill produces specialised pig and poultry feed using locally sourced raw materials and Devenish's premixes. The high-quality feeds are distributed via Devenish outlets, alongside Devenish's premixes, helping to provide farmers with good quality animal nutrition.

We are committed to building the Ugandan agri-sector by promoting best practices and a sustainable approach to farming. We provide on farm technical support, and to-date we have trained over 500 farmers. We are engaged in numerous partnerships which will enable us to continue to deliver on our future objectives.

^ Our impact in Hoima, Uganda

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2012 – 2014

Project was conceived by Devenish, initial project visibility assessment conducted and approval of Africa Agri-Development Fund Partnership.

2015 – 2017

Construction of model pig farm, specialised animal feed mill and offices in Hoima, including installation of milling equipment. Electricity connection established for Devenish and the village of Kibati. All of which facilitated the start of Devenish feeds being distributed throughout Uganda, and the opening of outlets in Hoima and Kampala. In 2016, we were proud to be recognised at Uganda Investment Authority Awards Ceremony. 2017 saw the first sale of pigs from breeding to Uganda pig farmers.

2018 – 2020

Devenish begins to produce pig and poultry feed and begins to sell ruminant minerals. 28 new pigs with improved genetics introduced to the model pig farm, 62 farms acquired breeding stock, with 300+ local farmers trained, Devenish outlet in Mukono was opened..

2021 – 2022

Commencement of 2nd Africa Agri-Food Development Programme project in Hoima. Soya extrusion line installed and outlet in Gulu opened. Devenish have now supplied over 180 farms with improved genetics, trained over 500 farmers, and sold over 1,200tns of Devenish feed.

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