Devenish Nutrition Ltd - Uganda

Devenish has undertaken a pioneering agricultural-development project in conjunction with the Africa Agri-Development Fund, supported by the Departments of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs and Trade in the Republic of Ireland. This project, which commenced in June 2013, has seen the creation of a Devenish's Performance Pig Unit and Feed Mill in the Kibaati Cell, Kahoora Division, Hoima District, Western Region, Uganda.


Project Conceived by Devenish


Initial Project Viability Assessments conducted


Approval of Africa Agri-Development Fund Partnership

January 2014

Construction of Model pig farm & animal feed mill commences

May 2015

Completion of Model pig farm construction and arrival of breeding stock

December 2015

Completion of project construction

December 2015

New breeding stock arrive on model pig farm

January 2016

Electricity connection for Devenish project and village of Kibati for the first time

February 2016

Installation of milling equipment in feed mill & arrival of premixes from Belfast

March 2016

Commencement of specialised feed milling

April 2016

Serving of first batch with artificial insemination

June 2016

Commencement of Devenish feeds distribution in Uganda

June 2016

Devenish recognised at Uganda Investment Authority Awards Ceremony

July 2016

First batch farrowing on model pig farm

September 2016

Opening of Devenish feeds distribution centre in Kalerwe, Kampala

January 2017

First sale of pigs from breeding to Uganda pig farmers

March 2017

Devenish's official launch in Uganda

July 2017

Devenish begins to sell pig & poultry premixes alongside pig feeds

January 2018

Devenish begins to produce and sell 3 types of poultry feed to open market - Starter & Grower/Finisher feeds for broilers, and Layer feeds

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