Devenish developing pig industry in Hoima district

9th June 2016

Devenish Nutrition Ltd, a global firm has set up a model pig farm and feed mill in Hoima. Devenish, which provides cutting edge nutritional solutions for livestock in 30 countries worldwide, believes it can contribute significantly to the transformation of the pig industry in Uganda.

Devenish Nutrition received support from Irish Aid and Department of Agriculture, Food and the marine in Ireland through the Africa Agri-Food Development Fund (AADF) for the pilot phase of the project.

The objective of the AADF is to develop partnerships between the Irish Agri-Food Sector and African countries to support sustainable growth of the local food industry, build markets for local produce and support mutual trade between Ireland and Africa.

Devenish's hybrid development project in Hoima consists of two main elements. The first is a model pig farm where top breeds of pigs (Large White, Land Race and Durocs) will be raised to maturity. The best pigs will be brought to maturity before being made available to progressive farmers who wish to invest in the quality breeds.

The second element is an animal feed mill that will produce specialised pig feeds for each stage of a pig's growth. These feeds will be produced by mixing mainly locally sourced raw materials and Devenish's high quality premixes.

Adam Sweetman, the Devenish country manager, explains: "Not only will farmers be procuring a high quality product but they will also receive nutritional advice. As a result, farmers will dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes for their animals to reach the average slaughtering weight while also reducing on pig fat and improving the quality of meat."

Devenish work closely with the Hoima local district and the community.

They expect to have feeds available for purchasing in April of this year. Their quality breeds will be available in early 2017.

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