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Maximising forage for the year

9th May 2019

Growing grass in Ireland is something that we as farmers do instinctively. Sometimes it is good to sit back and see the wood from the trees and think about the steps that are required to make truly great silage.

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Grazing Fodder Crops

15th October 2018

After the difficult conditions this summer across the UK and Ireland many of us have tried growing fodder crops such as rape, kale or stubble turnips to graze through the winter. These brassica crops can be a nutritious low-cost feed source for both cattle and sheep over the winter period. Work completed by the Scottish Agricultural College has found that store cattle can achieve 0.9kg DLWG and store lambs can achieve 0.25 kg DLWG.

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How to make bought in cattle thrive this winter

1st October 2018

Many people are starting to purchase cattle and house cattle for winter finishing. This is a very stressful period for cattle particularly those bought from the market and being taken straight into the feedlot.

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Digest It and slurry management for the winter

14th September 2018

Now that we are in the middle of September, we are starting to think about slurry management for the winter ahead.

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The importance of forage sampling after a drought

31st August 2018

2018 has turned out to be a difficult year for farming. With a late spring blizzard followed directly by a drought that for some is still a big issue and for others no so much of a current issue.

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Fodder Budget

17th August 2018

2018 has been a very difficult year for livestock farmers with the long winter of 2017 and the late spring meaning there was very little surplus fodder.

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Weaning and drying off the cow

3rd August 2018

With the rains after coming back, we can get back to the job of growing grass and hopefully top up winter fodder reserves for the coming year.

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SQUARE Project

29th June 2018

In our blog this week we will be looking at the recent findings of the SQUARE project which stands for Soil Quality Research Assessment Project. The project was run between Teagasc, DAFM, University of Limerick, UCD and Sligo IT. The aim was to access the soil quality and functions across Ireland.

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Measuring Grass

1st June 2018

To improve grassland utilisation, it is beneficial to measure grass.

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How to Take a Grass Sample

18th May 2018

The weather has finally changed and grass growth has gone into over drive - our thoughts are now turning to summer grazing and making silage.

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