An estimated 30 million metric tonnes/annum of feed is lost due to poor moisture management.

Challenges with mastering moisture in pet food include:

  • Quality control: stabilising moisture throughout shelf life
  • Energy costs of production
  • Maintaining moisture in line with formulation
  • Preventing mould formation

Adding untreated, free water to pet food can result in several complications.

SmartMoisture is an innovative technology that contains a combination of propionic acid esterified to glycerol, buffered organic acids and surfactants. Its unique element is its propionic acid esterified to glycerol.

What are the benefits of SmartMoisture?

  • Better moisture retention
  • Energy saving potential
  • Maintains production yield
  • Inhibits mould growth for longer
  • Reducing spoilage throughout shelf life
  • Improving product form in semi-moist production
  • No declarable preservatives

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