NatuPro® is an alternative, nutritionally enhanced vegetable protein that allows more controlled release, efficient absorption, and utilisation of amino acids by fish and shrimp.

Controlled release of amino acids

NatuPro® is based on technology of amino acids being glycated to sugars, with glycation being the covalent attachment of a sugar to a protein or lipid. In other words, there is a sugar carrier used to achieve this consistent release of amino acids over time (graph 1).

Graph 1: Typical release pattern of conventional dietary crude protein, synthetic and glycated (slow release) amino acids.

Key benefits

  • Improved utilisation of protein
  • Ability to reduce protein & fish meal inclusion
  • Improved growth performance
  • Reduction of stress during periods of high-water temperature
  • Formulation cost savings (€10-30 per tonne of feed)

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