Devenish Nutrition receives funding from the following organisations:

Invest NI

Invest NI is Northern Ireland's economic development agency. They aim to strengthen our economy by supporting business development, increasing export levels, attracting inward investment, and inspiring entrepreneurship within the community.


InterTradeIreland was setup following the Good Friday Agreement to build partnerships and business development networks within the island and to enhance the global competitiveness of the all-Ireland economy.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

KTP is a government funded programme that encourages collaboration between businesses and universities.

Each KTP project involves a recently qualified graduate (the KTP Associate) who facilitates the transfer of technical and business skills to the company and in turn enhances business-relevant research and training.

EU Research Funding

The 6th Directive* is a Europe wide programme that aims to better understand the role of Porcine Circovirus diseases (PCVDs) in pigs. These diseases have emerged within the EU with devastating consequences for the pig industry and cost EU producers losses in excess of €600 million per year.

It will also help producers meet consumer concerns for quality and safety of pork products. The lead organisation is Queen's University Belfast and we are one of 16 partners from EU and North America.

* Sixth Framework Programme Priority Ssp/5.4.6: Control of Porcine Circovirus Diseases (PCVDs): Towards Improved Food Quality and Safety.