Research Facilities

Innovation overview

Our solutions are backed by science, and so to assess and validate new products and approaches, Devenish have developed a global network of facilities and partners.

Only once we can prove that the products and solutions will work for our customers will we introduce them to the marketplace.

Our Global Innovation Centre

Established in 2018, our Global Innovation Centre is the hub for all our product and solution based research and development. The team here is responsible for commissioning, co-ordinating and analysing all research.

Our Performance House Network

Often developed in partnership with key customers, Devenish operate a range of facilities on commercial farms that are designed to allow us to measure the impact of different ingredients, inclusion rates and environmental impacts to a scientifically publishable standard. Doing so allows us to assess the performance, profitability and sustainability benefits for our customers before being rolled out in scale.

We have developed facilities for pigs, poultry and ruminants across the UK, Ireland and United States to allow us to stay ahead of the challenges facing customers and consumers.