Research Facilities

As part of our commitment to Research and Development, Devenish Nutrition has invested in a number of research facilities. The facility for weaned pigs was purchased in 1999 and the facility for finishing pigs was purchased in 2007.

Facility to evaluate Starter Diets

Starter diets are a primary focus of research within Devenish's pig research programme. Therefore we invested in a research facility for weaned pigs in 1999.

We carry out eleven trials each year covering areas such as:-

  • Evaluation of raw materials
  • Evaluation of products
  • Evaluation of different feeding regimes

Pig Facility for Finishing Pigs

This facility was purchased as part of Devenish Nutrition's commitment to the research partnership with AFBI, John Thompson & Sons and DARD. This facility is unique in that it:

  • Can record individual feed intakes in a group situation
  • Can record water intakes
  • Has individual slurry collection per pen