It is the aim of Devenish Nutrition to be a solution provider through knowledge and products.

Therefore at Devenish Nutrition we invest in research as a means of providing solutions. Solutions to current and future problems can only be developed based on robust science. To achieve this Devenish work with partners who are world renowned for their excellence in specific areas.

Our research projects come under the following six areas:-

  • Continuous Improvement in Animal Performance by Optimised Nutrition
  • Infant Animal Nutrition
  • Functional Products
  • Food Innovation & Safety
  • Sustainability
  • Process and Product Improvement

Devenish Nutrition's strategic mission is to be internationally recognised for its excellence in providing reliable solutions to the considerable challenges facing food companies and livestock farmers.

Today, food production has to meet exacting standards in issues such as quality, safety, sustainability, environmental impact, animal health and welfare. These standards have to be met and eventually surpassed in a context of increasing competitiveness, global trade, economic and political pressures. Costs are under serious pressure. The main thrust of our innovation programme is to devise ways of helping our customers secure a successful future by enhancing their productivity and profitability whilst meeting their customer requirements.

Solutions to the industry's challenges come from a number of sources, the inventiveness and creativity of our team of nutritionists and production specialists, our customers and suppliers, other industries and the general scientific community. However, we do not leave the generation of new, future solutions to chance - we invest heavily in a comprehensive research and development programme conducted at our own facilities and also in global centres of excellence. Currently, we conduct research projects in a number of areas in each livestock, poultry and pet markets in areas as diverse as feed solutions to food safety, animal health and eating quality, but all in the context of productivity and cost effectiveness.