Devenish has been UFAS accredited since 2001 (UFAS No. 69).

UFAS covers the production and delivery of compound feed, premixes and speciality products to farms and is based on HACCP principles which have become a central requirement of Food and Feed safety legislation.

The main areas covered under UFAS are:

  • Supplier Approval
  • Complaints
  • Internal & external audits
  • Quality control
  • Hygiene inspections
  • Traceability
  • Cross Contamination

The scheme is audited and certified by an independent certification body at least annually, in accordance with the internationally recognised standard ISO 17065.

View our UFAS certificate for Belfast and Widnes in the Quality Certificate section.


The highly successful NOPS scheme was set up in 2009 to help reduce the risk of naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) in equine feed and is run solely by the British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA).

Devenish are independently audited to the BETA NOPS Code, annually. This demonstrates our commitment to reducing the risk of disqualification from Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances in Feed.

View our BETA NOPS certificate for Belfast and Widnes in the Quality Certificate section.


FAMI-QS is a globally recognised Quality and Feed Safety Management System for the sector of Premixtures and Specialty Feed Ingredients. FAMI-QS addresses safety, quality and regulatory compliance in order to minimize hazards and ensure products placed on the market are safe and legal.

Certification enables Devenish to implement the objectives of the Feed Hygiene Regulation (183/2005/EC) and to demonstrate that feed safety regulatory requirements are met.

View our FAMI-QS certificate for Belfast and Widnes in the Quality Certificate section.