Control and Traceability

The Quality Control team at Devenish follow a thorough sampling schedule which includes testing random samples of our finished products and any raw materials used in production; this allows us to continuously monitor the quality of our incoming materials and outgoing products.

We also follow a schedule for testing the plant and our products for the presence of Salmonella. This is an EU requirement and is carried out for the following reasons:

  • Salmonella is the most common bacterial cause of food-borne illness.
  • Intervention strategies aimed at reducing Salmonella on raw product should be effective against other pathogens.

All results are entered into our QC database and expected/actual results are analysed by our Quality / Technical Team.

Every raw material is fully traceable using barcode scanning, throughout the entire process from the time it enters our site, throughout the production process and when it eventually ends up with our customer. Samples are retained of raw materials received and high-risk ingredients are screened for conformity using the latest fingerprint technology.

Batch numbers of all raw materials are recorded at every step and each movement is time and date stamped by our process control to give 100% traceability. Every product manufactured has a unique batch number giving full traceability to the end user.

Samples of finished products are retained and are monitored throughout the production process with every batch going through our unique Positive Release system.

Every batch of our DevAmine and feed products are scanned using NIR technology to ensure compliance with the specification. Selected batches of our Premix and Speciality products are scanned using the latest innovation techniques in partnership with the IGFS at Queens University.

Devenish are continually investing in the latest innovative technologies to be at the forefront of quality management through KTP projects aimed at improving the nutritional content of our products and supply chain track and trace technology.

Devenish offers a wide range of bag sizes and colours to meet our customers' requirements. Labels are fixed to every bag with "peel-off" batch numbers and barcodes available upon request.