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Dairylink: Kevin McGrade and Charles Clarke on looking back to look forward

25th February 2016

In this article, Dairylink adviser Conail Keown reviews financial performance for 2015 for Kevin McGrade in Tyrone and Charles Clarke in Cavan.

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Dairylink: Plans are put in place for 2016 following a review of 2015 financial performance

18th February 2016

Conail Keown assesses performance for Bill Brown, Co Down and Robin Clements, Co Tyrone discussing planned changes for 2016.

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Dairylink: Fertility management and using the right genetics are key to better fertility

4th February 2016

Making fertility more of a focus is important for compact calving autumn herds too, writes Conail Keown. 

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Importance of Vitamin D in Ensuring Good Bird Health

2nd February 2016

Providing both broilers and layers with sufficient and appropriate forms of vitamin D is essential to ensure good bird health

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V Boars - Pig World

1st February 2016

"The value of your investment may go down as well as up"

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Dairylink: Time to think about slurry as ban lifts for the Northern half of the country

28th January 2016

Despite the wet and waterlogged fields, Conail Keown advises that it's time to think about slurry for dry paddocks. 

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Dairylink: Measure Grass to Manage

21st January 2016

Conail Keown reports on the variation in grass growth between and within some of the Dairylink farms and outlines methods to bridge the gap.

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Dairylink farms focused on year ahead

16th January 2016

Conail Keown advises now is the time to plan ahead and prepare budgets to improve technical efficiency and performance

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Dairylink: Feeding for condition score rather than milk yield in Co Down

5th December 2015

Conail Keown on how managing freshly calved cows differently to stale cows has huge benefits for costs and condition score.

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Dairylink: Autumn calving is in full swing across Northern Ireland

28th November 2015

Dairylink adviser Conail Keown develops calf-rearing targets for autumn-calving herds

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