AminoSave is a unique, high protein and highly digestible complementary feedstuff.

AminoSave supports the ideal protein concept of offering dietary amino acids in the precise optimal quantity and ratios for metabolic utilization and lean muscle accretion. Unlike many protein sources, which have unbalanced amino acid profiles and anti-nutritional factors, AminoSave is designed to optimally balance the dietary amino acid profile and support more efficient feed utilization and growth. It reduces the amount of metabolisable energy wasted by the processes of deamination and excretion involved with unbalanced amino acid sources. AminoSave also reduces reliance on ingredients that contain natural anti-nutritional factors such as soya bean meal.

AminoSave incorporates the unique DevamineTM technology which helps to release dietary amino acids at a controlled rate, compatible with the birdÂ’s ability to absorb them and other nutrients from the intestine and metabolise them into muscle. This gives AminoSave an appreciable advantage over synthetic amino acids. AminoSave is a highly digestible product manufactured using the processed fermentation by products of amino acid and yeast manufacture.

Food grade essential amino acids are also added to maintain the balance of amino acids at the ideal ratio when Amino-Save is added to poultry feeds based on corn and soya.

What are the benefits to the Producer?

  • AminoSave has a positive effect on young birds in particular. It allows producers to reduce dietary crude protein, decrease their reliance on soya bean meal and increase productive performance.

How is AminoSave used?

AminoSave is fed at a rate of 2.5-10kg per tonne of finished feed


Amino Acids, By-products of amino acid production.


Crude Protein 85 %
Lysine 19.3%

Field Application

Suitable for use in all ages of birds and mono-gastric animals.

Recommended Dosage

2.5-10 kg per tonne of finished feed.

Direction for use

Homogenously mix in premix or finished feed.

Shelf life and Storage

Store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
Shelf life of 12 months.


Compatible with all other raw materials and feed additives.

Package Size

20 kg bags with 1000kg per pallet.

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