These products deliver amino acids in an ideal form, helping to maximise nutrient utilisation in the birds.

What are the benefits to the Producer?

The Matan range provides the following benefits:

  • High GI (Glycaemic Index) which establishes and maintains feed intake
  • It supplies highly digestible energy in a readily available form
  • It is low in insoluble carbohydrates and anti-nutrients
  • Delivery of amino acids without excessive, non essential protein/nitrogen
  • Provides a synchronised delivery of amino acids with energy in the form of carbohydrate
  • Encourages growth and breast muscle development
  • Suitable for vegetarian and non-GM customer requirements

How is the Matan range used?

MatanR™ and MatanHP™ provide different levels of high quality protein and amino acids, and are suitable for early broiler, turkey and game diets:

  • Starters - Incorporate up to 7.5%
  • Growers - Incorporate up to 5%

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