ChickGuard is a natural, antibiotic-free additive for inclusion in poultry feeds. The product delivers protected fatty acids and selected plant oil, herb and spice extracts, to provide a range of beneficial effects proven by extensive in vitro and in vivo studies in poultry.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • ChickGuard inhibits proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and modulation of indigenous bacteria, to improve health, immune status and performance.
  • Trials show its ability to assist in the control of adverse intestinal challenges in poultry.

Other features associated with ChickGuard are:

  • It is protected and provides a targeted release of ingredients in the lower small intestine
  • It helps to promote digestion and absorption of nutrients

How is ChickGuard used?

Recommended to be used as a complimentary feedstuff for use in poultry diets:

  • Starter feeds 1.5 kg /tonne complete feed
  • Grower feeds 1.0 kg /tonne complete feed
  • Finisher feeds 0.5 kg /tonne complete feed
  • Withdrawal feeds 0.25 kg /tonne complete feed

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