DiNAMIC is a unique, dual actives blend of Lysophospholipids and Essential Oils that improves feed conversion through increased nutrient digestion and absorption.

What are the product functions and key benefits to the producer?

The dual actives in DiNAMIC support animal performance by way of 3 distinct modes of action:

  • Modification of the gut wall
  • Emulsification of nutrients
  • Improvement in nutrient digestion & absorption

DiNAMIC delivers the following benefits in modern large scale production systems:

  • Reduced feed cost and feed volume while increasing profits from production.
  • Increase the nutritional yield for a given set of available raw materials by way of increased nutrient digestion and absorption.
  • Improve litter quality and support of intestinal health, reducing carcass downgrading.

How is DiNAMIC used?

DiNAMIC is recommended to be included at 500g/tonne finished feed.

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