Intelligent Mycotoxin Deactivation

What is SmartShield?

SmartShield is a range of mycotoxin deactivators that have been specifically formulated for each species of animal to combat the different mycotoxins that are harmful to different species.

SmartshieldAV delivers mycotoxin deactivation for poultry through a 4 action process.

  1. Binds - A blend of highly adsorbent materials to bind a wide range of mycotoxins and their derivatives to render them harmless to the animal
  2. Degrades - Biologically active ingredients degrade mycotoxins into smaller less toxic molecules making them easier to bind
  3. Transforms - SmartShieldAV transforms the molecular structure of mycotoxins to improve binding efficiency
  4. Anti-mould - a unique blend of essential oils create anti-fungal technology to reduce further growth of mould

How is SmartshieldAV formulated?

SmartshieldAV is formulated based on an analysis of your raw materials to evaluate the level of mycotoxins and their additive effects before formulation.

Summary of benefits

  • During mycotoxin challenges:
    • Maintains and improves growth rate in broilers
    • Maintains and improves egg production and quality in layers
    • Maintains and improves reproductive performance in breeding stock
  • Reduces the risk of transfer of mycotoxins to eggs in breeding birds preventing subsequent harm to progeny
  • Supports the birds natural defence against toxins

How to use SmartShieldAV

Latest Research

We recently completed research in partnership with Queens University Belfast that was published in Toxins journal.

The longitudinal three-year study, a first of its kind in this field showed the negative effect of low levels of mycotoxins on broiler chicken health and performance.

Key findings

  • The study demonstrated that even low levels of mycotoxins, below EU regulatory levels, have a direct negative impact on birds' performance
  • The research highlighted a specific mix of mycotoxins identified as relevant to poultry (DON, FBs, ZEN and DAS)
  • FCR performance across the crops varied by as much as 14 points, resulting in a significant impact on bird performance and profitability

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