Technical Service

The Poultry Nutrition team provides a complete commercial and nutritional service, offering solutions of the highest quality. Our nutritionists work closely and directly at the customer interface, with considerable experience gained from frontline exposure to real industry concerns.

Our ability to offer this support together with our extensive market knowledge and technology-driven approach allows us to transfer a competitive advantage to our customers.

The technical service package includes:

  • Farm Visits - to identify and discuss requirements of individual farms
  • Individual Farm Solutions: Nutritional, management and economic packages tailored to meet the needs of individual enterprises
  • Range of Nutritional Formulations and Feed Programmes to meet varying requirements
  • Advice on legislative and accreditation requirements, eg. Environmental compliance
  • Raw Materials and Third Party Products evaluation
  • On-farm trial design and co-ordination, allowing producers to evaluate diet or management issues
  • Simple ordering service and an efficient delivery
  • Technical Articles and Literature Reviews
  • Informative summaries on environmental, health and food safety issues
  • Training Seminars and Growers Meetings
  • Supermarket liaison and Presentations
  • Optimisation of nutrition through the use of the EFG Poultry Model