AdLife is a supplement for the pre-partum Sow to help during the farrowing phase and beyond!!!

What is Adlife?

AdLife is a high quality palatable meal with a unique active ingredient. AdLife provides a unique encapsulated form of Calcium in conjunction with an acidic carrier to maximise calcium ion generation.

What are the benefits to the producer?

Feeding AdLife has been shown to result in improved smooth muscle contraction during farrowing reducing farrowing time, inter-pig intervals and the resultant number of stillbirths. The highly palatable meal carrier will help feed intake in the last few days prior to farrowing and ultimately maintain Sow condition. Additional Benefits Include:

  • High Lysine levels
  • High Valine levels
  • Omega 3 fatty acid inclusion
  • Improved placenta expulsion reducing risk of metritis and farrowing fever

How is Adlife used?

Feed 0.5kg daily to Sows in addition to basal ration. Introduce into Sows regime when housed in farrowing accommodation.

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