What is Diflosol and how does it work?

Diflosol is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to support new-born piglets in establishing a healthy gut and preventing diarrhoea.

Through a combination of prebiotic and probiotic effects, the ingredients in Diflosol work synergistically to stimulate positive modulation of the gut environment. In doing this, Diflosol drives the health of the piglets from the inside out. This benefits the piglet because a more diverse and balanced bacterial population is established, resulting in a positive impact on intestinal maturation. A second, hugely beneficial effect of using Diflosol at farrowing is its activity as a drying agent. Due to its high absorbency, Diflosol helps to activate the piglets so that the birth to nurse interval is reduced. This is hugely beneficial in ensuring that the piglets get up and suckle as soon as possible thereby preventing chilling and stimulating colostrum intake.

In summary, the dual activity of Diflosol benefits new-born piglets through enhanced intestinal maturation, reduced birth to nurse interval, elevated colostrum consumption and improved early feeding behaviour. All these factors combined contribute to greater nutrient utilisation and growth.

What are its benefits?

  • Drying agent, reduces birth to nurse interal
  • Stimulates the gut environment
  • Helps prevent digestive upsets
  • Establishes feeding behaviour

How is it used?

  1. Pre-Farrowing - Sprinkle 200g Diflosol on heat pad.
  2. Birth - Day 8 - Sprinkle 75g Diflosol on heat pad daily; offer 10g/pig/day in creep tray.
  3. Day 9 - Replace Diflosol with DeviSan on heat pad & EnteriMAX® In4Gut in creep tray.
  4. Weaning - Introduce EnteriMAX® IP piglet starter feed. Continue to offer EnteriMAX® In4Gut in supplementary feeder until day 5 post weaning.

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