The BIG Appetite Generator

What is MatanXL?

MatanXL is an effective appetite booster for inclusion in growing/finishing pigs and lactating sow diets, delivering amino acids in the ideal form to maximise nutrient utilisation.

What are the benefits to Producers?

The carbohydrate in MatanXL undergoes a unique process which encourages rapid digestion; it has high GI value. This increases blood glucose levels and provides a readily available source of expendable energy.

MatanXL is manufactured using sugar processing technology combining proteins and amino acids under specific conditions. It is this technology that gives the product its unique features and the ability to:

  • Increase feed intake
  • Facilitate lean growth
  • Improve digestion

How is MatanXL used?

MatanXL may be fed to early growing/ growing pigs and lactating sows. Incorporate at the rate of 2.5-7.5% of finished diet.

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