NatuPro is an alternative, nutritionally enhanced protein that allows more efficient absorption and utilisation of amino acids by the animal.

What is NatuPro?

NatuPro offers the following benefits:

  • Controlled release of amino acids during the digestion phase
  • Vegetarian based diet.
  • Improved animal performance.
  • Reduced impact of intensive animal production on the environment.
  • Sustained profitability at producer level.

What are the benefits to the Producer?

  • NatuPro improves the utilisation of nitrogen and subsequently the amount of nitrogen retained by the animal.
  • NatuPro use in the diet has been shown to retain an additional 2.91g/day of nitrogen which equates to 144g/day increase in growth.
  • NatuPro helps to meet EU legislation by reducing the amount of nitrogen excreted in the urine and into the environment.

How is NatuPro used?

NatuPro can be used in swine, broiler, game, and other poultry diets. Incorporte at the rate of 2.5-7.5% of the finished diet.

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