The behaviour modifier for growing and finishing pigs.

How is Devi-Jex used?

Devi-Jex is mixed into pig feeds at 3kg per tonne of feed. The equivalent of a further 3kg per tonne should be dusted onto finished feed in the event of a severe problem of agression, tail biting or stomach ulcers.

What are the benefits to the Producer?

  • Devi-Jex has been shown to overcome stomach ulcer problems in finishing pigs.
  • The calming effects of the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals together with the special balance of fibre present in Devi-Jex successfully limit behavioural problems within groups pigs.

What is Devi-Jex?

The Devi-Jex formula limits behavioural problems due to a number of individual active ingredients and the combination of their beneficial effects:

  • Salt - traditional remedy for correcting tail biting problems
  • Essential Amino Acids - substrates for key neurotransmitters associated with regulation of behaviour and stress response of animals
  • Natural Seaweed Products - buffering action reducing stress levels within the animal. Rich source of essential mineral and salts, known to relax and calm animals.
  • Products and By-Products of Cereal Grains - cereal bran rich in digestive enzymes and biologically active fibres enhances the digestive process to help purge the tract of any toxins or lumen bacteria

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