Mastering moisture in feed production

SmartMoisture is an innovative technology that contains a combination of esterified propionic acid, buffered organic acids and surfactants.

The esterified propionic acid, along with the surfactants, allows moisture to penetrate the feed particles, reducing free water and allowing water to be retained in the feed throughout the milling process.

Benefits of SmartMoisture:

  • Consistent formulation moisture
  • Better starch gelatinisation leading to better pellet quality
  • Higher throughput, less energy needed and reduced die wear

How is SmartMoisture used?

SmartMoisture is mixed with clean water before being sprayed onto the feed in the mixer.

Percentage of moisture inclusion per ton of feed:

Increase in final feed moisture SmartMoisture Water
1.0% 400 g 9.6 litres
1.5% 600 g 14.4 litres
2.0% 800 g 19.2 litres

SmartMoisture is an effective tool to manage milling loss. However, the method of application is critical to maximise your return on investment. Contact your Devenish representative for further information.

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