High quality supplement suitable for feeding to gilts and first litter sows

ENHANCE is a high-quality supplement suitable for feeding to gilts and sows as a top up to normal feeding in lactation to avoid excessive weight loss and maintain milk output.

Key Features

  • Enhance is also suitable for feeding to sows and gilts as a top up feed during the weaning service interval to increase ovulation and ensure bigger litter size.
  • Enhance is presented as a textured meal and contains omega 3 and lysine
  • Enhance is very palatable and digestible.
  • Increases ovulation and ensures bigger litter size during weaning service interval.

How is Enhance used?

0.5kg daily to sows in lactation and during the weaning to service intervals. The product may be fed selectively to underweight breeding swine.

Benefits to the producer?

  • Gilt litter size improved
  • Improved performance
  • Sows more energy and more milk
  • Sows in better condition
  • Reduce mortality in the farrowing room
  • Larger litters weaned
  • Subsequent litters are improved

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