MealOMix is a meal and pellet mix carefully formulated to provide high levels of milk and essential nutrients to the newly weaned pig. MealOMix sticks to the wet snout of the piglet helping to establish feeding behaviour.

MealOMix helps newly weaned pigs manage the difficult transition from milk to solid feed. Loaded with milk and other highly digestible ingredients, MealOMix stimulates early intake and reduces the chance of digestive upsets.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Meal component sticks to snout stimulating feed intake
  • Pellet component introduces dry feed in a durable, easily chewed form
  • Boosts early gain in newly weaned pigs
  • Early intake reduces variation due to late/non-eaters
  • Stimulates appetite in orphaned/early weaned pigs
  • Loaded with milk protein, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids

Feeding Directions

0.5kg of MealOMix per pig, in addition to the starter pellet, over a 3 day period.

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