BioSuper is the most effective dry powder disinfectant on the market designed to keep your animals in a healthy environment.

Humid and dirty grounds and fermenting litters, are responsible for mastitis, lameness and diarrhoea in calves.  Maintaining hygiene and treating bedding with BioSuper can prevent these diseases.

What are the benefits to the producer?

  • Neutralises humidity - It absorbs 70% of its water weight: 700g of water for 1kg of BioSuper.
  • Neutralises germs - Dramatically reduces bacteria, which can induce breeding diseases and ill health.
  • Neutralises ammonia - Decreases the amount of ammonia by chemical reaction, and aids heat detection for cows.
  • Makes labour easier - It can be applied in the presence of cows and calves, ewes and lambs, and speeds up the turnaround of each lambing pen.

How is BioSuper used?

  • Straw yard- 100g/m2 prior to the addition of fresh bedding, then 50g/m2 weekly. Extremely challenged situations up to 1kg/head/wk (spread over the week).
  • Cubicles- 50g/m2 on bare ground before bedding then 50g/m2 weekly
  • Calf pens- 50g/m2 for days 1-3, then weekly
  • Calving pens: 50g/m2 on bare ground before bedding and then 50g/m2 weekly after each calving and before fresh bedding added
  • Keeping in sheds, straw yard, lambing pens- on dirty bedding before adding fresh straw: 1kg/lsu/week
  • Sheep- Pre-season: apply 50g/m2 to clean floor
  • Pre-fresh bedding: apply 50g/m2 to old bedding
  • Pre-lambing pen reuse: apply 50g/m2 to old bedding in lambing pen

50g is the equivalent to 1 handful.

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