Calf Milk Replacers

Devenish Nutrition has specifically formulated a calf milk replacer (CMR) range, Devenish HeiferStart and Devenish Gold, the composition of which promoted positive performance, health and profitability.

A unique feature of Devenish HeiferStart and Devenish Gold is the inclusion of Progut® Rumen, a hydrolysed yeast that is shown by independent research to improve the health status and immune response in calves.

Devenish HeiferStart

Devenish HeiferStart is a high specification CMR, specially formulated to ensure that the genetic potential of replacement heifers in high performing herds is realised and that target growth rates and optimum calving weight is achieved.

What are the benefits of Devenish HeiferStart?

  • Progut® Rumen provides both pathogen binding and immune enhancing effects.
  • High quality dairy protein produced from sweet whey and SMP. The skim-based product contains casein, which is digested in the calves abomasum, and results in increased digestibility and nutritional value.
  • Fat formulation contains a blend of 5 vegetable oils, which improves digestion, rations intakes and reduces digestive upsets.
  • High level of omega 3 improves the calf’s immature immune system and reduces inflammation.
  • Suitable for mixing with whole milk and for once and twice a day feeding.

How is Devenish HeiferStart used?

Devenish HeiferStart is mixed, 150 grams of milk replacer in one litre of mixed milk i.e. 15% solids. This CMR concentration offers greater nutritional value and increases concentrate intake.

Devenish Gold

Devenish Gold is a high performance and cost effective CMR, specifically formulated to satisfy the nutrient requirements of bought-in dairy and beef calves.

What are the benefits of Devenish Gold?

  • Progut® Rumen enhances the immune defence system and reduces susceptibility to disease, which is particularly relevant in bought-in calves as a variety of stresses (environment, social, transport, etc.) can attenuate immune activity.
  • Sweet whey based product which has superior protein levels compared to acid whey and thus there is significantly less requirement for vegetable protein which has been shown to negatively affect liveweight gain.
  • Fat blend of 5 vegetable oils provides extra energy for maintenance and consistent growth.
  • Improved ratio of naturally occurring omega 3 to 6 levels compared to cow’s milk.

How is Devenish Gold used?

Devenish Gold is mixed at a rate of 125 grams of milk replacer in one litre of mixed milk i.e. 12.5% solids.

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