Soluble Magnesium

What is Mag12?

Soluble Magnesium Source

Mag12 is based on a breakthrough in magnesium delivery systems. A natural source of minerals, Mag12 shows unique solubility properties with 99% magnesium available in the rumen. Other magnesium oxide sources typically show only 7-23% solubility in the rumen.

Boosting Performance

Using Mag12 in place of calcined magnesite leads to better performance of dairy cows. Trials carried out at SRUC, Scotland showed that milk butterfat and protein were improved when Mag12 was used, compared to calcined magnesite.

No Irritating Side Effects

Conventional magnesium sources are poorly absorbed and survive to the hind gut where they can cause irritation. Mag12 is absorbed in the rumen, leaving no irritating residues.

What is the benefit to the producer?

  • Provides a highly soluble source of Magnesium in the rumen
  • Boosts milk butterfat content
  • Reduces scouring associated with traditional magnesium sources

How is Mag12 used?

Mag12 is fed at 100g/h/d for dairy cows

Mag12 is fed at 50g/h/d for beef cattle

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