Devenish Yeast

Devenish Nutrition has 2 yeast products which optimise rumen function:

DeviCell 400 which is for use in feed mills and Devenish Yeast On-Farm 50 which is for use in on farm mixing.

DeviCell 400 is a live active yeast, with the proven ability to stimulate the growth of rumen and intestinal bacteria. In dairy cows and beef cattle it enhances the growth of rumen bio-mass and encourages anaerobic fermentation, increasing the count of cellulytic bacteria and those which utilise lactate.

This helps to prevent acidosis problems while optimising the nutrient value of the feed to the cow. Trials have shown up to 2 litres more milk per day (from 45 litre cows), increasing milk protein yield, better control of body condition/weight and improved hoof quality from feeding the target level of DeviCell 400/day.

In beef animals feeding the target level of DeviCell 400/day has shown consistent increases in daily gain (about 100g/day better than control) on the same level of feed intake resulting from improvements in feed utilisation.

For further information on DeviCell 400 or our On-Farm Pack, contact Devenish Nutrition Ltd on +44 (0)2890 755566

Devenish Yeast On-Farm 50 is a less concentrated version of DeviCell which is for on farm mixing.


To be used by feed mills

Dairy: Include 2.5kg DeviCell 400 Blender Pack per tonne of a concentrate feed which is to be fed at a rate of 8kg /head/day. This supplies 3.2g /head/day of the yeast.

Beef: Include 1kg DeviCell 400 Blender Pack per tonne of a concentrate feed to be fed at a rate of 10kg /head/day. This supplies 1.6/head/day of the yeast

Devenish Yeast On-Farm 50

To be used on farm:

Dairy: Feed 50g per head daily

Beef: Feed at the rate of 25g per head daily.

What are the benefits to the producer?

DeviCell 400 and Devenish Yeast On-Farm 50 can be used to naturally improve animal performance in ruminants and has been proven to be particularly beneficial in the following situations:

Dairy cows

  • Increase milk yield in early lactation when cow is under maximum nutritional stress.
  • Stimulate feed intake and improve production from low digestibility high fibre silages.
  • Stabilise rumen pH and prevent metabolic disorders if silage is highly acidic.
  • Improve intake and digestibility of high Dry Matter Silage

Beef cattle

  • Minimise digestive upsets and maximise liveweight gain at times when the animal is under stress.
  • Intensive bull brf systems where the diet is highly acidic. DeviCell 400 and Devenish Yeast On-Farm 50 helps stabilise rumen pH and improves performance.
  • Maximise liveweight gain where silage is of poor quality.

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