The range of ruminant premixes has evolved over the years as the production systems, levels of production and the needs and types of livestock have changed. Devenish Nutrition can provide custom made premixes for both feed mills and on farm customers.

For both feed mills and on farm situations, the Devenish Nutrition premix range covers Dairy, Beef, Dry cow and In-Feed Ruminant minerals. Below is more information on these 4 categories:

Dairy Range

This range of free access minerals has been designed with the modern dairy cow in mind. These minerals have been developed to work within various situations including diet feeders, free access situations and incorporated into feedstuffs. The range includes packages with and without protected elements and also packages designed for specific feeding situations.

Beef Range

Devenish beef minerals make a significant benefit to any beef finishing system.  Designed to stimulate rumen function and maximise growth rates the range incorporates various products which can be used in specific areas of feeding beef. Varying inclusion rates allow these products to adapt to most feeding systems and advice should be sought before feeding stock to ensure optimum performance.

Dry Cow Range

Dry cow minerals are accepted on-farm as one of the most critical and beneficial purchases which any breeding livestock farmer can make. Not only are they essential to ensure an ideal calving process occurs but they are also fundamental in allowing new offspring to get the best possible start to life.

The Devenish range incorporates various progressions within the range allowing for differing feed rates and also differing requirements of the stock fed such as Suckler cow systems or high yielding pedigree dairy cows. As with all products these provide a basis for dry cow feeding but individual circumstances differ and allowances can be made for that with the products.

Devenish In-Feed Ruminant Mineral Range

A wide range of products for specific groups of livestock exist at the common 25kg inclusion per tonne of feed. This inclusion rate is particularly useful for home mixers or those wishing to add a set amount of minerals to match the needs of stock in an agreed feed rate.