All-in-one rehydrating post-calving drink. Fuelling your cows to get up and go immediately after calving.

What is GoCow?

The period pre- and post-calving puts significant pressure on your cows.

To support the cow during this challenging period, we have developed GoCow, a rehydration drink packed with energy sources, key vitamins and minerals and Progut to help support the gut and fight against challenges.

What is the benefit to the producer?

  • Replenish fluids lost during calving
  • Supports calcium absorption
  • Boosts energy
  • Promotes feed and water intake
  • Enhances rumen function
  • Progut ® helps activate the immune system and support the gut

How is GoCow used?

For optimum effect GoCow should be consumed in the first 24 hours post calving, to set the cow up for successful lactation.

Go Cow Three simple steps

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