Sustained release protein for the rumen

SmartPro is a Sustained Release NPN (non protein nitrogen) for feeding to adult ruminants. Sustained Release NPN is a source of nitrogen for fibre digesting bacteria in the rumen. Fibrolytic bacteria in the rumen rely primarily on ammonia as their protein source for the manufacture of amino compounds. Soluble nitrogen from the diet enters and leaves the rumen quickly, leaving a deficit for long periods during the day. Some of this shortfall is reduced by recycling of urea through saliva back into the rumen. But in higher production animals, especially where forage quality is less than optimum, this is insufficient to maintain ideal microbial protein growth.

SmartPro is designed to release urea steadily into the fibre mat of the rumen over the normal rate of passage for fibrous materials. This way it provides a consistent supply of rumen degradable protein (RDP), thus increasing fibre digestion and the growth of microbial protein.

How is SmartPro used?

SmartPro contains Urea and cannot be fed as a straight raw material.

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