A dietic complementary feed for transition cows.

SoyChlor is designed to produce a "Partial Anionic" diet, it is a unique provision of chloride for metabolic acidification providing high levels of rumen undegradable protein from heat-treated soya and distillers grains.

Benefits of SoyChlor:

  • Acidifies the cow's blood to improve calcium release from bone and absorption in the gut
  • High Potassium levels in grass forages keep blood and urine pH alkaline, which depresses calcium supply and utilisation for milk production. SoyChlor overcomes the potassium suppression of calcium by lowering pH and acidifying the cow's blood and urine
  • More palatable than traditional anionic supplements, which helps to maintain dry matter intakes around calving

How is SoyChlor used?

SoyChlor is designed to be fed in the transition period, 1 to 4 weeks prior to calving at an intake of 0.50 - 1.50 kg per head per day as part of a balanced diet.

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