TMR Range

The Devenish TMR range is designed to deliver the correct amount of vitamins along with major minerals and trace elements to the target animal. The precise mineral required depends on the metabolic state of the animals and the expected level of performance.

The Devenish TMR range of ruminant minerals is the most advanced range of minerals in the market place. The specifications are continuously being reviewed and upgraded, in line with the latest research to meet challenges at farm level.

TMR Dry Cow Range are tailored to best support the cow's needs at the critical stages approaching calving and immediately post parturition through correct nutritional supplementation. Correct dry cow nutrition can help to reduce the occurrence of hypocalcaemia which can lead to numerous problems post calving.

TMR Dairy Range are formulated to ensure that dairy cows can overcome the increasing demands of production whilst maintaining optimum health status. The range offers specific products which include protected trace elements copper, zinc and selenium helping to mitigate against the consequences of antagonism and allow the cow to meet the requirements of increasing milk yields.

TMR Beef Range are designed to deliver the precise levels of vitamins and minerals required by beef animals. Calcium and phosphorus are essential to ensure good bone development, feed intake and energy while increased levels of Vitamins E and selenium, with their antioxidant properties are beneficial to animals exposed to stressors such as weaning or transportation.

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