Megalac is a combination of palm fatty acids and calcium. The calcium protects the fatty acids from breaking down in the rumen, so they pass intact to the lower gut for digestion.

It is the protection of the energy source from rumen breakdown, combined with the highly digestible nature of the energy supply that explains why Megalac has the highest measured NEL value of any feed ingredient.

What are the benefits to the producer?

The benefits are based on the results of 17 university trials on the product:

  • Increases milk yield +2.27l/cow/day
  • Improves fertility +25% conception to 1st service
  • Decreases risk of acidosis 0.38 rumen pH improvements
  • Useful for manipulating milk quality
  • Improved Body Condition Score

How is Megalac used?

  • Megalac is to be fed at a rate of 0.5 to 0.75kg/cow/day in the post-calving ration. This should be introduced gradually to help the cow/heifer acclimatise to the new ingredient.
  • When being fed pre-partum, it should be introduced gradually over the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. As Megalac contains 9% calcium, it is important to ensure the mineral balance is correct.

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